GIZMOCAT is a leading brand in the field of ultrasonic rat/rodent control for the industrial sector. For food trucks and vehicles with access to airports and airplanes GIZMOCAT is the de facto equipment, as rat/rodent repellent/control systems are mandatory. The GIZMOCAT journey started in 2015 with launch of GIZMOCAT – Ultrasound rat repellent for machines (1st Gen), and since then product quality and efficiency have been the integral part of our process. Backed by Maser Electronics’ ultrasound technology, we have been helping our customers combat the rat problem in their machine panels, instrument clusters, assembly line machinery, food processing machinery panels, laboratory instrument panels, clinical and hospital equipment, etc. GIZMOCAT has become a must have all kinds of industry where machine down time due to rats can cause havoc to production timelines, revenues and loss of reputation.

Our product is based on intense research on rodent’s behaviour, habitats and their impact on the environment. Unlike traps and rat repellent chemical sprays our product doesn’t require customers to dispose the body of dead rats as it doesn’t let rats come close to the equipment. Also, it is eco-friendly and safe for humans. GIZMOCAT repellent is well within prescribed limits of continuous airborne ultrasound exposure to humans as prescribed by the international body IRPA (international radiation protection) - governing body for workplace exposure for non-ionizing radiation protection.

Company profile

Custom Logics Pvt. Ltd.
GIZMOCAT Manufacturer

  • Custom Logics was conceived in 2002 with the basic aim to explore opportunities in customised electronics hardware design and development, in a software centric Indian Information Technology industry.
  • Custom Logics was established as Custom Logics Pvt Ltd in the year 2004
  • Technology driven R&D based company with 20+ years' experience in - design & development of electronics hardware/ embedded firmware / control software
  • Client base of various sectors – Industrial / medical / consumer
  • Custom Logics became a product-based company in 2014 – with the launch of in-house brand CARCAT® and product - CARCAT – Ultrasound rat repellent for cars (1st Gen)
  • 2015 - Launched brand GIZMOCAT - Ultrasound rat repellent for machine panels, food trucks, ATMs, etc
  • 2019 - Launched brand bioVibez - Green automation - Automation & energy saving product line. bioVibez - PIR/LUX - dual outputs motion detection & controller, Dusk to dawn light switch

Maser Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Ultrasound technology under license from Maser

  • Pioneers of industrial ultrasound rodent repellent technology in India
  • Bactster - Ultrasound microbe sanitizer
  • 40+ years of industrial presence and strong R&D legacy
  • 20000+ strong customer base with 98% repeat business
  • Client list includes Indian and internationally recognized A to Z brands – Apple, Citigroup, Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, Reliance, TATA, Zoho to name a few

A product by Custom Logics Pvt. Ltd.

Technology under licence from Maser Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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