2nd gen - ZigZag ultrasound

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  • 2nd Gen - GIZMOCAT ultrasound rat repellent for 24/7 machine panel protection
  • ZigZag ultrasound - The new ZigZag pattern ultrasound algorithm creates more nuisance for rats. Its intermittent pulsing technology consumes 20% less power than the previous generation
  • AC/DC Model - 35 to 250V protects electronic panels and sensitive electronic wiring from rats. It works on both AC & DC power supplies.
  • Wide coverage - It can cover upto 300 sq. ft. of enclosed area. For best results, ensure ultrasound waves reflect off hard surfaces as more reflections means more ultrasound echo. More irritation to rats
  • Environment-friendly - It doesn’t kill rats, only repels them. Also, it’s completely safe for human and pets
  • Easy installation - It's simple 2 wire installation to battery. Doesn’t require cutting or striping any wire
  • Designed, Developed & Made in India ultrasonic rat repellent
  • Aesthetic & rugged - Polycarbonate (fire resistant grade) enclosure
  • Applications - Industrial panels, wiring room, server rooms, assembly line control box, PLC control panel, electronic control box, medical equipment control panels, PET scan, CAT scan, Radiology room, Dental machines, Laboratory & Testing, Data centres, CNC machines, vending machines, ATM machines, and more
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